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NARCA 2016 Renewal 

Recently, NARCA mailed out 2016 Renewal packets to all Law Firm members and In-House Counsel members.  If you haven’t received yours yet, please call the NARCA National Office at (202) 861-0706. Due to the data gathering that is required to support the recent membership restructuring, it is imperative that the completed renewal packet is returned so that your firm’s information can be updated properly. For additional information, see what's new for members in 2016.


As we have previously shared over the past seven (7) months, NARCA will only have two membership categories – both exclusively for attorneys—LAW FIRM MEMBER for any law firm engaged in the active practice of creditors rights law and; INDIVIDUAL MEMBER for an attorney who either practices creditors rights law outside of law firms, i.e. credit grantor or is enrolled in law school.

The new membership structure is being directed and geared specifically toward attorneys practicing creditors rights law.

NARCA values YOU and the products and services that you provide to our members’ practices and profession.  Rather than offering a membership category, NARCA will continue to offer opportunities for you to have your brand in front of our attorney members and to offer opportunities for increased interaction. Again, as previously announced, beginning 2016, the Vendor category will no longer be available.

Vendors interested in marketing to NARCA members will still have the options to exhibit at conferences, sponsor activities, events and resources, advertise on the website in a newly created Buyer's Guide or in the newsletter. We are sensitive to the demands on marketing and advertising budgets and seek to find levels that are both attractive and offer a good ROI.

As always, access to members will still be available in the ways that you are accustomed to with the use of your marketing dollars offering you a variety of options that you will be able to customize to meet you own marketing needs and budget to reach NARCA members.  Further questions can be directed to Robin Cole, NARCA Associate Executive Director at 202-861-0706 or

Thank you for your continued support of NARCA!  


The National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA) is a trade association dedicated to creditors rights attorneys. NARCA's values are: Professional, Ethical, Responsible.

In addition to local, state, and federal laws and State Bar Association licensing and certification, NARCA law firms are required to adhere to the NARCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Upcoming NARCA Legal Learning Webinar:


February 25, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern:

The Fair Credit Reporting Act – What You Really Need to Know In Our New World


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Continuing Legal Education Requirements

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For Consumers

NARCA members are committed to providing information to consumers interested in learning more about the responsible use of credit. "Avoiding the Debt Trap" is a presentation NARCA members give to civic and religious organizations in their communities. NARCA also offers tips to consumers for responding to collection attorneys.

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NARCA Webinar - Is Rule 68 Dead? Supreme Court says Plaintiffs, Not Courts, Decide Article III Stand

NARCA Webinar - The Fair Credit Reporting Act - What You Really Need to Know In Our New World

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