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Why Use NARCA Attorneys?

NARCA Collection Law Firms Make Sense for Business

NARCA law firms secure the bond of trust between consumer and creditor by enforcing legal debt obligations.  Debt delinquency can increase consumer prices and loan rates, eliminate jobs, and constrict profitable operations.

NARCA Collection Law Firms Are Experienced

Collection lawyers are experienced professionals.  Collection attorneys work as partners with creditor clients to attain and enforce legal judgments and, just as important, help consumers maintain the privileges associated with positive credit.

NARCA Attorneys Work Cooperatively with State Judges and Legislators

Collection lawyers can attain and enforce legal judgments.  NARCA members not only represent their clients as vigorous advocates in court, they also work collaboratively with judges, court representatives, and lawmakers to help ensure consumer protections are balanced with legal creditor rights.

NARCA Collection Law Firms Are Held to the Highest Standard

In addition to local, state, and federal laws, State Bar Association licensing and certification, NARCA attorney members are required to adhere to the NARCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

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